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rugs rule the floor

rugs rule the floor .

rugs are the floor master of design, they ground your floor space with colour and texture and make a house feel like home. floor rugs have been celebrated for centuries with their hand made craftsmanship qualities’ that were meant to last for many years and even handed down to the next generation.

some of the first floor rugs were crafted from wool and hemp way before unnatural fibers were invented and are still today considered as the best rugs that you can purchase.

hemp rugs are sustainable and handmade using age old methods with each one completely hand sewn or traditionally hand loomed by fair trade practices.

beck & call designs rug collections also lie lightly on this earth made from all natural fibers offering a rich texture and weave inviting a beautiful warmth to any home.

Proudly stockists for Armadillo & Co rugs earth collection infused with rich history and the artisans who have created them.

so pop a natural rug on your floor space and sit back and enjoy for may years to come.

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cushion love

cushion love

cushion loveCushion love let’s face it, all us girls have it, we just love them. Colour, texture and pattern can change your mood and emotions,us girls are great at it and that’s why we are sometimes intristicly drawn to different one’s, depending on how we feel at the time,the change of seasons can make us girls want different cushions, or a wind change, any reason really.

Popping on a cushion to a sofa chair is the most easiest way to style up your living space. In fact we are creatures of habit, our little daily rituals of fluffing our pillows and cushions runs deeper than we think. The history of cushion pillows dates back to around 7,000 bc, when only the very wealthy or royals used them. It is interesting to note that the more cushions you had the more influence you held and was a sign of status. How funny this seems in our modern society today as nearly every home ( I would say all ) has a cushion or ten and us girls love them. Maybe we inherently gather them as a sign of style and taste and a bit of status too! happy decorating!

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decorating with wallpaper

matt black wallpaper

Decorating with wallpaper adds an instant impact to any room, which makes it a great starting point. One of the best things about wallpaper is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture, so you can change “your look” whenever you get tired of it, for a new style or feel.

I love wallpaper; the pattern, the texture, the depth and colour it brings. In fact everything about it. It allows you to explore your own vibe and can be an art form all on it’s own. Start with your wallpaper as a strong base and then use your textiles and accessories to layer the colours and textures, to make them work in your own unique space.

The size of a room can also influence the scale of the pattern used for the area, but really anything goes and sometimes doing something completely different can have amazing effect. When you have a small room to wallpaper, go with large or even an overscaled print, this will make your small room look and appear bigger than it really is. Botanical and flora prints are fantastic designs to use to bring the outdoor feel, inside and create a calm indoor sanctuary.When you have a medium to large sized room you can go with smaller patterns and motifs, but be careful with really large rooms that the pattern doesn’t get too lost in all that space. It’s a good idea to decide on the style of your wallpaper and evaluate the space where it’s going. Playing with the reflective sheen background is a cool way to reflect a space and light . The Florence Broadhusrt range in shimmering metallic, silver matt and gloss levels, always adds a dash of shimmy and drama to any wall and area.

the egrets - chevalier blue
egrets wall paper with silver background
circles and squares - red FBW-CO09
circles and squares wallpaper with a shimmy gold base background
japanese bamboo - canary FBW-RF110
japanese bamboo wallpaper with a white matt background
shadow floral - dusty torquoise FBW-CO58
shadow floral wallpaper with a silver matt brushed background
japanese floral chilli red FBW-BO98
japanese floral wallpaper with a shimmer gold foreground

My grandparents had a 60’s  green and orange wallpaper design in their entrance for a couple of decades, which I will always have a vivid memory of. Great design really does stand the test of time. So for a quirky, glam, retro, natural  or contemporary decor, vamp your room up with designer wallpaper.

Pick your style, pattern and colour and create a beautiful home just for you. It will help give your home a signature style. Make a statement or feature wall that will conjure up the mood you desire and have fun with wallpaper in your lovely abode.


happy decorating






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entertaining in style

entertaining style table setting

entertaining in style

The focus on any sundry special occasion is entertaining in style, the style that reflects your personality.

So gather round your friends and mix up your own style whether it be funky or elegant or a mixture of era’s to create a fun time. entertaining in style

The humble table setting is the centre piece of your gathering, so let’s face it, it has to be a little bit cool, and all about you.

Think about a basic theme and any elements you may like to use and display such as crystal, silver, linen or china ware.

Entertaining in style means exploring a style or theme and mix up your elements that have something in common to link them. The textures and colours play a big part of bringing your table to life, then have a play I say!

Creating the mood is equally important, for a soft look use lots of candle light, and it makes us look softer too, and younger..well so I’m told.

 You can continue your theme or connection alfresco too, tea lights in crystal glasses look amazing outside.

Oh yeah and get out your nice old cool stuff that you’ve been collecting, they should be used and shared and loved again.

A stylish dinner party can be created with a simple Vignette ( group of items ) from your local second-hand thrift shop that oozes character.

Adding different heights with your items definitely adds more interest and depth too.

My table setting is a little bit posh with a vintage, romantic, classic and elegant type of look.


entertaining in style


entertaining in style

alfresco table seatiing

style focus

style glass

style glass

So go ahead and entertain with your style, it’s fun, mix it up.

Enjoy your treasures, use funky shapes, interesting objects with any colour pallet and personal things.

Look at the relationship between your objects and add an unexpected touch.

happy decorating 


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how to decorate with pops of colour

lace aqua lifestyle - urban road canvas art

decorate with pops of colour

NEWS FLASH, it’s a hot trend right now to decorate with pops of colour. The mix of soft white spaces with bright pops of color brings an exciting energy to a room.

A POP of colour adds a powerful punch to a space and can be used to connect rooms and create unity to your homes overall scheme.

Introduce a bright & vivid accent colour in small touches through cushions, rugs, art, walls and accessories. Embrace your color choice and only go with what you love, a hue that “speaks to you”and that you personally pick up a great vibe from. If we follow our natural instincts we will be naturally drawn to colours that we like, trust your judgement and have loads of fun. Toss in some bold pattern with your pops of color and play with your own individual style, this will further the interest and impact of your room big time.

Spaces often have a focal point, points of interest ie; fireplace. You can always create your own focal point with grouping of furniture or large objects. This is also a perfect spot to add your pops of colour and show it off. So get in the mood and try something different, you can always sample your chosen colour by viewing it in its location, use sample test pots and fabric cuttings to help guide you.

You can really brighten up any space with instant colorful art work, wallpaper or kitchen splash back to pump out that statement.

COLOUR HINT; colour will appear stronger, the larger the area, use the strongest colour in the smallest amount ie; accent colour, bright colour is advancing whilst dull warm colour is receding.

STYLING TIP; hang your art at eye level so you can enjoy looking at it, styling is fun mix it up, for an eclectic mix, merge tradition with modern which adds an unexpected touch.



the blue art work adds colour and pattern and looks amazing teamed with this turquoise cushion.




swirl wallpaper in red sure makes a statement and a colour splash.

yellow adds a pop of colour and lets the sunshine in your home.


white background with a pop of yellow and red accessories adds a punch.

pop colour

the yellow fluro splash back is a wow factor to this kitchen


colour pop

the different colours on this rug really pop out and make the room fun

colour pop rug

So pop out your colour choice and have fun with your sense of humour.

I hope you enjoyed the blog on chatting away about pops of colour, feel free to share with friends.

happy decorating





images courtesy of urban road 1,2,3, signature prints 4,5. www. 6, via SA decor&design, 7, 8









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how to create space with a light color palette

create space with a light color palette

The impact of the color white mixed with natural light creates a beautiful space. Space is also enhanced when you maximize the light to bounce around your room. A soft tone of white is the perfect neutral back ground to canvas this colour scheme.The colour I specified for the space in the image below is Half Black White in the whites and neutrals range by Resene Paints, chosen for its chalky, soft and shadow effects. The architectural backdrop has a unified feel and lets the space speak for its self. If you’re trying to achieve this simple timeless look opt for less clutter, remember less often appears as more. The old bent wood chair was painted in Porters Paints milk-white for a creamy wood texture and the back shape compliments the stunning 1930’s stain glass window.


light space

Height adds to your impression of space and a light painted hue on all surfaces will make a room feel a lot bigger. Vertical Windows like these and glass will also increase the sence of space and height.

linen floor cushions

The use of a mirror is a wonderful way of allowing reflecting light and the feeling of space into a room. A large mirror when hung low on the wall reflects the vertical flooring line which increases length and depth to this room. The mirror frame is also painted a distressed light tone and connects itself to the wood grain flooring. Natural linen textiles provide a relaxed living style and I just love this look.

sea urchins curtain - sea fog

A sheer curtain or a soft linen drape will add a filtered light and subtle ambience to your room. When you use a consistent light colour theme or monotone scheme, different light values from texture and pattern will give a room balance and a lively sense of whimsy.This unobtrusive way of decorating your home with shades of white and natural materials evokes a calm sophisticated balance for harmonious living. Painting walls and ceilings in the same white colour allows the kitchen Island bench to be the grounding force of the kitchen, the colour Calcium by Wattyl Paints was used in this kitchen.




This large scale building in Penang is amazing in proportion. Painted in an overall white color muted by time, obviously suits this old century building. It also gives us a classic example of letting the architectural shape have its own light balance.

how to create space with a light color palette



So let the light in, reflect your surroundings, add space with light colours and keep it all simple.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog and feel free to share it with your friends.


Happy decorating.


images image 2 source unknown

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the meaning of colour

The meaning of colour.

What is the meaning of colour? You may notice that some colours just ‘speak to you’ or totally engage you. Colour theory’s, colour psychology and the use of colour therapy have been around for hundreds of years, and colour is said to be often an unconscious and instristic choice that we all make.

Colour is constantly with us in our everyday lives, it’s hard to even imagine a world without it, what a boring world that would be. On our blog we will be exploring the meanings of colour and colour research around the globe along with academic research by colour scientists which is highly fascinating.

As a former beauty therapist, colour stylist and colour consultant over many years I started to notice how people were drawn to particular colour ranges at different stages and situations that they were experiencing in their lives, and started to wonder about the connection and learn more. So come along for the ride, it will promise to be a colourful journey.

Join us as we look at each colour in-depth and give you tips on styling and decorating your home with colour, that will lift your life inside and out.

harmony in colour

Personal colour harmonizing is not a conscious process; it’s something that grows from a person’s preference, which will often harmonize with an individual’s life. Colour is about an individual taste and how to make it work in their personal environment. If we follow our natural instincts we will be naturally drawn to the colours that we love. Colour is a universal language, a powerful element in our lives, it helps to communicate, affects us physically, emotionally and mentally.

colour temperature

Often colours are referred to as warm or cool.

cool colours, green, blue and purple.

cool colour green windfall resene

green colour Windfall by Resene

cool colour blue waterfront resene

blue colour Waterfront by resene

cool colour purple butterfly resene

purple colour Butterfly by Resene


warm colours, red, orange and yellow.

warm colour red knockout resene

red colour Knockout by Resene

warm colour orange guggenheim resene

orange colour Guggenheim by Resene

warm colour yellow spotlight resene

yellow colour Spotlight by Resene

We will be checking out some pretty cool and warm colour schemes in blogs to come to help inspire the inner you and your home.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and feel free to share it with your friends.


Happy decorating.


images courtesy of



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my amazing art deco studio

art deco building

I’m very excited to welcome you to my first blog post at beck & call design. I have been an interior and colour designer for the past ten years. My love of colour has been enhanced by colour consulting for leading paint brands and building companys and being able to play with colour everyday. I was also lucky enough to have lived  in New zealand and have the most amazing original art deco studio to create in and meet with clients. My colour work often involved heritage art deco buildings and it was a thrill to explore the colour palette of the 1930’s and use with a modern twist.

Having returned to good old ozzie to live has inspired me to open beck & call design, a boutique on line shop which embraces authentic design, natural elements and the beautiful colours of world in which we live + play in. I would love to share with you some images along with a little story and how blessed I was to share it for my studio for many happy years!

In 1931, the town ship of Napier on the east coast of New Zealand was devastated by a huge earthquake,the owner of my building and studio was built by a local photographer at the time, so he could take portraits of the locals. He had only moved into the building a few days earlier and when the quake hit, he ran downstairs and grabbed a camera from a cabinet and took some images of Napier before most of it was burned down by fires. The building  was closed by the family for some two decades before I moved in with a clock maker whom leased the building.

My studio door had no key, but when cleaning the dust off the shelves from decades, the original key fell to my feet which had not been seen since then, according to his grand daughter.

I of course took this as a good sign that the photographer approved of me being there! I also found the original dark room and images that were given back to the family.

Photo taken by photographer Brian Hatton and I think he captures the light and mood of the room perfectly!

So that was my first blog story and hope you enjoy tagging along for many more…cheers debdebs studio photos 2012 058