about us

welcome to beck & call design your interior designer homewares online store.

beck & call design is inspired by loving the place that we call home inside or out and sharing it with everyone who walks into the door.

we believe that when an object is handcrafted and beautifully made with quality and care you want to touch it, when you add beautiful texture and colour you will feel connected.

we offer you decor and homewares which ooze style with authentic designs from talented designers and artisans in Australia and around the world.

from interior designer natural linen collections, cushion ranges, beautiful art, decorating accessories & furniture your home will hold a sense of “real living.”

our brands evoke pops of colour, clever craftsmanship and a great way of life.  enjoy shopping for your dream space and have lots of fun decorating your home and living in the style thats all about you!


If you need a hand to put it all togeather we can do that too. we have lots more to offer than whats in the store, infact tons more so feel free to contact us and we would love to help you create your haven of dreams. we have qualified interior designers and colour consultants at the ready to start any project you desire with many years experience.


we also specialize in home/ commercial furniture packages that are delivered to your door,  online quotes are available from one chair to dozens so dont be shy. we are at your beck & call after all.

“we hope you enjoy shopping online and look forward bringing you lots more very soon onto the store. it will be an amazing range to love and cherish for many years” cant wait to show you.


“the butterfly inspires us as it embraces change and puts a gentle footprint on our world.”

butterflies go fluttering by,

on coloured wings that catch the eye.

on wings of orange, and silvery blue,

on wings of golden and yellow too!

butterflies float in the air,

making their homes almost anywhere.

the rain-forest, field and prarie land,

on mountain tops, and desert sand,

if winter brings the cold and snow, to warmer climates off they go.

returning home the following spring,

beautiful butterflies on the wing!

author unknown

happy living